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Our service includes an experienced and courteous corporate support staff.

Controlled & refined

Rowe is a Building Maintenance Contractor for the Federal government (primarily the Department of Defense) and commercial businesses.

Our system is specifically designed for your facility. With our extensive resources and experience, Rowe has a reputation for Responsibility, Responsiveness and Reliability.

Rowe prides itself on having the right people in the right jobs.

As a leader in Building Maintenance Services, our Customer Service, Quality Control and Safety are crucial to customer success, it is our system and capabilities that help our customers achieve their mission.


When contracting with Rowe, our experience is now your experience.

Our extensive knowledge of the services we provide affords us the opportunity to help determine the needs of our clients.

A Comprehensive Plan is developed, implemented and maintained specifically for your facility.

Our unique knowledge and expertise allows us to identify and deliver solutions that meet our clients needs.

All Rowe employees undergo thorough training. This preparation includes instruction in company procedures, handling of equipment, chemicals and safety. A detailed Orientation Program is developed specifically for your facility's unique requirements.

This key element of the learning process is embedded in our corporate culture. With employee experience, Rowe learns more about process improvement and providing value to our client.

The use of this Advanced Technology in equipment procurement and operational procedures allows ROWE to offer innovative pricing solutions to meet our current and future customers' needs.

One of the attributes which distinguishes Rowe’s management is the fact that they are never completely satisfied with one particular solution. Because in today’s ever changing market place, and new client requirements, innovation is key.